How to get free promocodes for Adopt me Roblox?

How to get free promocodes for Adopt me Roblox?

How to get free promocodes for Adopt me Roblox? This game is becoming one of the top platforms on Roblox with more than a billion visits over the last few years. They updated a new feature of owning pets in 2019 which, become a big hit and, people started crushing over these cute characters, click here for more details Roblox/promocodes.

The pets get bought directly from Robux or in-game tokens but, many people want them to be free of any cost. Roblox releases regular codes for giving away assets. In this article, we will discuss promocodes for new pets and eggs. Read the to know more.

What are adopt me pets?

This asset got released in 2019 with the update of the summer season. But, there were other backpacks related to pets. The concept of eggs and gifts are similar. But they take a much longer time to hatch. It is not the only way to get pets. You can also directly buy them through Robux and the in-game currency in adopt me. The game has released five categories of pets which depend on the money you spend on purchasing them. Some get bought directly but, others need to get hatched from an egg. The developers have brought in 74 unique characters that you can own by finding eggs. These are the five types:

  • Rare
  • Common
  • Legendary
  • Uncommon
  • Ultra rare

You can put some choices in your favorite box and equip them by touching the star. There is one more special kind termed an event pet. Because after some time, it will get from the platform and cease to exist in your inventory. To date, three characters got released: Kitty, Scoob, and pumpkin. When you collect enough money, go to the nursery and purchase them. All the new players get rewarded with an egg from Sir Woofington. It can only turn into a dog and cat.

How to get free promocodes for Adopt me Roblox?

To answer your question, we must tell you. There are no active promo codes to gain any asset from the game. For now, we only have the list of older promo codes that are inactive and show invalid results. We will try to update you as soon as possible on this information when available. For more information click on adopt me free pets.

Please do not take our word for the holy grail. You can check this promocode for yourself. Here is a list of the old promo codes available on adopting me.

  • DiscordFTW: 70 Tokens
  • B1LL1ONV1S1TS: 200 tokens
  • GIFTUNWRAP: 200 Tokens
  • SUMMERBREAK: 70 tokens
  • M0N3YTR33S: 200 tokens
  • SUMMERSALE: 70 tokens
  • SEAcreatures: A special character
  • GIFTUNWRAP: 200 token
  • Subbethink: 100 token

How to redeem codes in adopt me Roblox?

There is no direct promo code window available on top of me but, you can check on the Twitter button and get some codes to activate. We have given a guideline to help you throughout this procedure.

  • Start by using any device and logging in to adopt me Roblox game.
  • Once the gameplay starts, you will get landed in the lobby.
  • Now go to settings and, you will find a Twitter icon on the right-hand side of your desktop.
  • Click it.
  • you will get redirected to a new window.
  • Type in the promo codes in the designated box and click on the submit icon to activate the reward.


As per research, the developers have not introduced any new promo codes. You can follow them on their Twitter handles to stay updated on any news. There is no designated box on adopting me 3D world for promo codes. So you need to follow this above-mentioned procedure to check the previously released unique codes.

Please share your experience with us in the comment section; we love hearing from you.

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