Is it possible to crack the IAS exam by self study ?

Is it possible to crack the IAS exam by self study ?

The UPSC Civil Service Exam is the most reputed IAS exam in the country. Many aspirants work hard for years to crack the exam. It’s one of the toughest exams. Not every aspirant clears the exam. It depends on hard work and dedication. There is a myth among UPSC aspirants that it’s hard to clear the exam without coaching, but the truth is that coaching classes are only for guidance. If you have knowledge, you can achieve success by self-studying.

In this article, we will discuss some points about how to crack the IAS exam by self-studying.

1. Make a decision.

The first thing that is important for the IAS exam is to make a decision about whether you really want to prepare for the exam. The IAS exam is a long process. Don’t decide to prepare under pressure or influence. Prepare yourself to be a part of the journey with your hard work. You should make the decision on your own. UPSC is not a joy ride to enjoy.

If you have the dedication to become an IAS officer and want to serve the country, then go for it and do your best.

2. Know your syllabus.

Knowledge about the syllabus is very important for every exam. When you start preparation, read the syllabus carefully. After knowing the syllabus, it’s easy to understand the pattern of the exam. There can be many topics in the syllabus that you have read before. So, divide the syllabus according to your preparation. Without understanding the syllabus and pattern of the exam, one cannot prepare for the IAs exam correctly. Aspirants can check the syllabus and exam pattern of the Prelims Test Series 2022.

3. Make a proper timetable.

Proper time management is necessary for preparation. Make a timetable and arrange the subject according to your interest. Give much time to the subject in which you find difficulties. A timetable will help you in your studies. Make a proper strategy to clear the IAS exam by self-studying.

4. Notes making

Make a habit of making notes regularly. Notes help you remember for a long time. Well-prepared notes always help in preparation. If you want to crack the UPSC exam by self-studying, make a habit of making notes. Self-prepared notes are always very useful.

5. Revision

With the help of notes, revision work can be done so easily. Revision is important for IAS and all types of preparation. It helps you remember facts, figures, topics, and methodologies that you have covered. Revision work helps to increase your confidence and reduce anxiety. You will be well prepared for your examination by revising your study from time to time. Make a revision plan by including all the subjects. Make sure you revise regularly. Keep your revision plan flexible enough to allow for changes.

6. Current affairs practice

Give proper time to current affairs preparation. Keep an eye on current national and international news. Newspapers are a good source to cover current affairs. Read the newspaper daily and write important news in your notes. The UPSC exam requires a candidate to be well aware of the current news. There are many monthly publications on current affairs available. It helps the candidate cover current events, which are important for preparation.

7. Solve previous-year question papers.

Solve previous-year question papers as much as you can. Previous-year question papers give a clear idea of the pattern of question papers. Aspirants can find out the most repeated and important question from the previous year’s question papers. Previous-year question papers are a reliable source of practice. Previous-year question papers help with revision. When you complete your preparation, solve the previous year’s question papers. Many questions are repeated by changing the way they are asked. If you practice, you can solve the question paper easily.

8. Guidance

Sometimes you are stuck on a particular topic and need guidance. It happens most when you are preparing through self-study. So, don’t disappoint and ask for guidance from your teachers or any toppers. If you are not willing to join any coaching but still need guidance in any subject, talk to any coaching if they give classes on a particular subject. There are many coachings that provide coaching for separate subjects as well.

Legacy IAS Academy Bangalore is the best IAS coaching in Bangalore. The institute has many separate batches available in both online and offline modes.

9. Internet

The Internet is the best and most reliable source for self-study. You can make notes with the help of the internet. Books are not the only study material nowadays. The Internet has changed everything. Information is limitless on the internet. You can make notes online and save them on your laptop. E-books are available on the internet free of charge. It saves you time and money. Aspirants can take mock tests online.

10. Stay motivated

When you start preparation for the UPSC IAS Exam, you will find many difficulties. Many people will demotivate you, but don’t listen to anyone. Keep yourself motivated. You will clear all the hurdles and achieve success.

Though self-study is not an easy task, When you decide to prepare for the UPSC IAS Exam, you will find many hurdles, but with the right approach and a well-structured study plan, you will cross all the hurdles. Hard work is the only key to success. If you are consistent in your studies, you can crack the UPSC IAS exam by self-studying.

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