The price of glasses varies so much, how much should I match?

The price of glasses varies so much, how much should I match?

Needless to say, everyone knows that the price of glasses varies greatly, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands to one or two hundred or even tens of dollars. What is the difference? How much should I pay for glasses?

Let’s first take a look at what causes the price of glasses to have such a big difference.

First, it must be the brand.

It’s like a bag. The big bag is tens of thousands of dollars, and the cheap bag is dozens of dollars. The biggest difference is the extra value given by the brand. Big brands spend a lot of money to build this brand, which will incur a lot of costs, and differentiated pricing can better differentiate target users. In many cases, it is expensive; just like Lotos glasses, a pair of glasses is equal to a car, and it is not intended to be sold to ordinary people at all.

In addition to such ultra-luxury big names, general brand glasses will also have better designers to ensure the popularity of the product appearance and the safety of the structure. And there are stricter standards for quality control, so in terms of cost, it will also be higher than that of brand-name glasses.

Second is the cost of the product itself.

This involves material selection, technology, mass production, etc. Good materials are definitely more expensive, and cutting corners is the only way to reduce costs from this.

The same is true for the process. The production and processing of glasses actually involve many technological processes, and each process requires corresponding labor costs. There is also the scale of mass production, which is why manual customization will be more expensive.

Again, it’s the sales link.

The longer the sales link, the higher the price. Everyone knows this. There is also the issue of inventory. After all, most of the better brands are mass-produced on a large scale, and it is unlikely that a pair of glasses will be sold directly to consumers. The more links there are in the middle, the more certain the price will be. The most intuitive performance is that the wholesale market will be cheaper than the retail store.

Finally, there are operating and selling costs.

Many people are saying that glasses are huge profits, but in fact, optical shops are not very profitable now. The main reason is that glasses are not a high-frequency consumption product, but operating an optical shop requires a lot of costs.

It is precisely because the frequency of glasses consumption is low that most optical shops need to open in places with many people and convenient transportation, and the rent will be very expensive. The sale of glasses also involves optometry, and it is necessary to purchase optometry equipment and hire professional optometry personnel. These are the costs that need to be calculated for each pair of glasses.

Therefore, unless it is shoddy, it is basically worth every penny. There must be essential differences between tens of dollars, hundreds of dollars, and thousands of dollars. Of course, the more expensive glasses may have a high brand premium. Not included in the discussion.

Since glasses are not a standardized product and most people do not have the ability to distinguish between good and bad glasses, what should I do to get a suitable pair of glasses besides buying the most expensive ones?

In fact, whether the glasses are properly matched depends on a key premise: whether accurate optometry has been carried out.

In foreign countries, professional optometrists are generally required to be qualified to issue optometry prescriptions, while in China, this area has always been relatively chaotic. Many people who have no basic knowledge of ophthalmology at all start optometry after a short period of training. This lack of knowledge has made many people with eye diseases or problems with visual function simply give them a pair of glasses that may not be suitable, and then tell the person who wears glasses that you can adapt to it.

It is very common that many teenagers who need to dilate their pupils directly give glasses without dilation, which may lead to deeper prescriptions and accelerate the development of myopia.

Optometry is a big problem; it is recommended to choose a qualified institution. It is best to go to the hospital’s optometry center.

When choosing a product, it is recommended to make the highest budget within the acceptable range of your consumption concept. And since the quality difference between different lenses will be more obvious, it is better to spend more money on better-brand lenses.

If you have to say a range, I think the student party can be around 500–1000. The average office worker can refer to his or her monthly income. The level of about 1/4 is more suitable. After all, a pair of glasses can be worn for about 2 years. .

When choosing a frame, be sure to try it on for a while to see how the frame weighs, whether the style matches your face shape, etc.

People who wear basically need to wear glasses for a long time every day. If the glasses are not suitable, it will not only affect the visual quality but also easily lead to visual fatigue, serious headaches, and other discomforts.

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